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Who We Are

We are a reputed firm providing 360 degree solutions for your Recruitment Needs.

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ELITE RECRUITMENT is a company that specializes in bringing manpower from Arab countries, Southeast Asia, European and African countries. We do provide all type of workers, from Managerial positions down to Laborers.


Through our established contacts and business partners and strategic alliance with different labor exporting countries, we utilize innovative approaches and strategies in searching and reaching out of highly suitable candidates from varied industries in different strategic locations.  We maintain a huge database of applicants that periodically updated to ensure readily available candidates to be recruited and mobilized at short notices. We guarantee the most efficient, dependable and timely mobilization of the right candidates for the jobs required by our customers.  Through in depth pre-screening and interviews conducted by our Recruitment Consultants, we assure that candidates are well equipped with relevant educational, work experience and training as required.

Recruitment Methodologies

Step 1
Upon securance of the Demand Letter from the client, immediately we check our database if such categories are available in our pool, if not, we start developing suitable CVs thru the following channels:
      - Placement of print advertisements in the local, widely read newspapers
    • - Headhunting thru personal contacts
    • - Executive search from the  leading recruitment online portal / websites
Step 2

    Pre-screened CVs will be forwarded to the clients for further review and evaluations. Client will then decide whether they will make the selections based on the CV presented or decides to conduct a follow up telephone or personal interview

Step 3
  • Once selection has been made, offer of employment will be extended to the successful candidates, accordingly, pre-employment medical examinations will be arranged to find out if candidate is medically fit to work.  A negotiation will be further discuss to those undecided or not immediately accepts the offer.
Step 4

    Documents required for the visa securance will be forwarded to the client to commence the application, once visa is issued, candidate will be informed to prepare for the immediate mobilization.

Step 5

    Once visa is issued, a thorough Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar will be conducted to apprise the worker of the existing law of the country of his destination. Upon receipt of joining ticket, candidate will be asked to ready for departure.

Why Choose Elite

ELITE RECRUITMENT was organized by enterprising individuals and entrepreneurs that have extensive experiences in the recruitment and placement of different type of workers to various work destinations in United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries.


We provide quality services at reasonable prices.  We guarantee customers satisfaction through well trained, well equipped and reliable foreign workers.  Our Consultants and Marketing Staff are always ready to assist our customers towards their objective of achieving well organized and well planned recruitment activities and employment of their workers.